Meet with the Main 2 Types of In-game Currency in War Robots

In-game currencies like all other action games are present in War Robots too. In the same game, the currency is present in two basic forms that are gold and silver. Also, with currency there are many other crucial rewards and things present in War Robots which user should know properly before going to play it. Among all these things another important thing that plays a good role in War Robots is workshop points. The same thing is used to buy the equipments and tools in War Robots or also used to purchase the next-generation robots.

Earning ways of gold, silver and workshop points

There are lots of ways present by which a player easily become able to earn currency in all forms. So, some major or you can say easy ways are mentioned below which help users in getting currency –

·         Users simply earn gold and silver by applying war robots cheats 2019 and many other hack options. With the same they not only get currency but they also unlock powerful or next generation robot they want accordingly.

·         Also, players earn gold or silver with the workshop points by adding the game with their Facebook account.

·         They also achieve all forms of currency and rewards by completing more numbers of events, objectives and levels.

Therefore, with all these 3 methods anyone can become able to earn currency in all forms and in big amount too.

Get currency using in-app purchases feature

Apart from all the above mentioned ways, there is a classic method also present i.e. buying currency from in-app purchases feature using real-life money. Yes, with the help of same feature players are free to buy everything in the game such as currency and robots using real-life money.