Hill Climb Racing 2: Fun Facts About The Game


Hill climb racing game is all about climbing mountains, obstacle with the vehicles and race on those tracks as well. If you have played this game, then you know that the graphics of this game is pretty cool from other games. The gameplay of is so enjoyable even if the player crashes and game start again, players still willing to play it more. Hill climb racing 2 is a new concept game, many games have copied from its concept. If you are facing any issue regarding the game, you can try hill climb racing 2 cheats to sort out of the problem.

Facts About This Game

Upgrade vehicle – Starting from the beginning of the game, the player only has a jeep, but as they complete the levels, new customization items unlock. Players can upgrade the vehicles to increase their speed, handling, suspension and more things.

Open reward boxes – after completing every race the game read a chest box to open which reward some important things which help in upgrading the cars. Mostly the chest boxes provide coins, but it will be a lucky day when you get something regarding your vehicle. The chest box will be a reward when the player finishes the race at first.

Collect coins – coins are the major currency of the game which unlocks new vehicles and upgrades the existed vehicle. If ever you have fewer coins in the game you can use hill climb racing 2 cheats to get more free coins.